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          課時素養檢測 二十二 Unit 6 Period 2 Ⅰ. 閱讀理解 A Having lived in California until 1970, my family has felt a number of earthquakes. We have been fortunate, however, to have suffered no bodily harm or property damage. There is a website that lists all California earthquakes recorded from 1769 to the present. The site lists the dates and times as well as the magnitude (震級) and the exact location of any quake that measured more than 6. 0. There are only a few quakes that stand out in my memory and, luckily, none is shown in the website. So, my personal experience with earthquakes might be considered insignificant. There are three earthquakes that are difficult to forget. The first one was in 1955 and our oldest daughter was walking with me in our backyard in Redwood City in California. As the shaking became stronger I held her to me with one arm as I held on to one of our fruit trees with the other. All three of us (my daughter, I and the tree) shook for two or three minutes that to us felt like hours. The second one was in 1963. Our entire family was visiting Disneyland in Southern California. The earth started to shake just as we were beginning to walk from our hotel toward the famous landmark. ? My third experience with an earthquake was a lonely one in California. It was in my sixties and I was alone in an old church. As the building started to shake, I quickly headed for the door to go outside. I remember I said a little prayer—something like, “Help me get out of here in time, Dear Heavenly Father. ”Minutes later, I was safe outside. 【語篇概述】本文是一篇記敘文。作者回憶了自己經歷的三次地震。 1. The author writes the passage mainly to tell us about ______. ? A. a new film about an earthquake B. how to survive an earthquake C. his three earthquake experiences D. how to save children in an earthquake 【解析】選C。主旨大意題。本文是一篇記敘文, 作者向讀者介紹了自己親身經歷的三次地震。 2. The earthquakes the author has experienced ______. ? A. all caused bodily harm B. are all recorded in a website C. all measured more than 6. 0 D. all happened