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          牛津譯林版七年級下冊英語 Unit 7 達標測試卷.doc

          牛津譯林版七年級下冊英語 Unit 7 達標測試卷.doc

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          Unit 7 達標測試卷 時間:120分鐘 滿分:120分 第一部分  聽力 (共四大題,滿分20分) 一、短對話理解(共5小題,每小題1分,滿分5分) 1. What should the boy do first? A. B. C. 2. What should the girl be careful with? A. B. C. 3. Which telephone number are the two speakers talking about? A. 110. B. 119. C. 120. 4. What is the woman doing? A. Helping an old man cross the street. B. Doing some shopping. C. Cleaning her bedroom. 5. What did the boy do last weekend? A. He visited the old people's home. B. He planted trees in the park. C. He cleaned up the city park. 二、長對話理解(共5小題,每小題1分,滿分5分) 聽下面一段對話,回答第6、7小題。 6. Where is Simon? A. At home. B. In hospital. C. At school. 7. What present will the boy give to Simon? A. A model plane.     B. Some CDs. C. A new football. 聽下面一段對話,回答第8至10小題。 8. Who did the car hit? A. A young man. B. A boy. C. An old man. 9. Who helped the old man at last? A. The car driver. B. The man and a policeman. C. Only the man. 10. Which of the following is not right? A. There was an accident on the man's way home. B. The driver didn't help the old man. C. The old man was badly hurt. 三、短文理解(共5小題,每小題1分,滿分5分) 11. The policeman came back to school ____. A. to listen to a talk    B. to have lessons C. to give a talk 12. The policeman studied in this school when he was ____. A. 50 B. 10 C. 20 13. The children were ____ before. A. as good as      B. as happy as C. much happier than 14. The short boy in the front ____. A. understood the question and answered it B. told the truth C. wanted to make the policeman angry 15. We can know that ____. A. the short boy liked the talk very much B. all the children liked the talk C. the short boy didn't like studying his lessons 四、信息轉換(共5小題,每小題1分,滿分5分) A brave boy What and when One 16. ________, Grandpa Liu's house was on fire. Grandpa Liu He was 17. ________ in the house. Eric He 18. ________ quickly and shouted,“Help!Help!” His neighbours They 19. ________ the cry and came to give him help q