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          Unit 1 Face values 速讀P2-3教材課文,完成下列任務。 Ⅰ.閱讀判斷 判斷以下句子提供的信息是正確,還是錯誤,還是沒有提及。 1.Jade is a plain。looking girl。 A.Right.  B.Wrong?! .Not mentioned。 2.Dr Hart thinks that it is helpful to pretend to be someone。 A.Right。 B.Wrong. C.Not mentioned。 3.Anthony has 17 lipsticks and can't decide which one to use every morning. A.Right。 B.Wrong。 C.Not mentioned. 4.Dr Hart thinks inner beauty is less important than external beauty. A.Right. B.Wrong. C.Not mentioned。 5.Emma wants to be a plus.size model at college。 A.Right. B.Wrong。 C.Not mentioned。 [答案] 1-5 ABBBC Ⅱ.補全信息 選擇正確選項填入空白處,補全所給句子提供的信息。 A.why I could never understand my sister B.how good I looked C.what I say D.What I really admire E.what it means to be beautiful F.that inner beauty is very important 1.Dad thinks I am a narcissist,but ____________ is that my pictures aren’t hurting anyone,so who cares? 2.That's ______________,who has 17 lipsticks and can’t decide which one to use every morning。 3.But I was surprised at ______________ after the makeover! 4.It’s true ________________,but external beauty shouldn’t be completely overlooked。 5.Her story changed my ideas about ____________。 6.____________ is the way she has acknowledged that good health not only makes us more beautiful,but happier,too! [答案] 1-6 CABFED Ⅲ。表格填空 It’s all about ME! Jade ◆She is 24 years old and an 1.accounting manager. ◆She is 2。plain。looking,but she uses selfie apps to obtain the praise of others online。 Anthony ◆He is 21 years old and a 3.college student. ◆He never really cared about his 4.appearance,but he was surprised at how good he looked after the makeover。 ◆He perceived that 5。external beauty isn't totally worthless. Emma ◆She is 17 years old and a senior high school student。 ◆She is larger than other girls,which really 6.bothered her。 ◆Tess Holliday’s story changed her 7。ideas about what it means to be beautiful。 ◆She thinks 8。mental and physical health is the most important thing. Dr Hart ◆People who 9。pretend to be