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          全椒縣十中屆高考英語一輪復習 第二部分 語法知識貫通 專題九 并列連詞和狀語從句訓練1含解析.doc

          全椒縣十中屆高考英語一輪復習 第二部分 語法知識貫通 專題九 并列連詞和狀語從句訓練1含解析.doc

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          第二部分 語法知識貫通 專題九 并列連詞和狀語從句 高考幫·備考方向導航 1.[2020全國Ш,65]    he asked the villagers on the banks of the river where he could find the legendary(傳奇的) artist, they smiled and pointed down the river. ? 2.[2020新高考Ι(山東),37]They kept their collection at home until it got too big     until they died, and then it was given to a museum. ? 3.[2018北京,2]     we don’t stop climate change, many animals and plants in the world will be gone.? 4.[2018江蘇,29]     you can sleep well, you will lose the ability to focus, plan and stay motivated after one or two nights.? 5.[2017江蘇,23]Located     the Belt meets the Road, Jiangsu will contribute more to the Belt and Road construction.? 6.[2017北京,28]If you don’t understand something, you may research, study, and talk to other people     you figure it out.? 7.[2016丙卷(全國Ш),61] In much of Asia, especially the so-called "rice bowl" cultures of China, Japan, Korea,    Vietnam, food is usually eaten with chopsticks.? 習思用·語法特訓 一、單句填空 1.The fact that the Summer Olympics fall during Australia’s winter season is worth keeping in mind for two reasons: it makes travelling there cheaper,     it’s still not too cold. ? 2.We cannot hear the professor clearly as there is too much noise     we are sitting.? 3.The wellies (長筒雨靴) are great for walking in long grass,     unnecessarily heavy for daily wear in the city.? 4.When you start to run longer, you will start to eat to fuel your body, and may even find that you need to eat more food every day     you did when you were overweight.? 5.The spare room can be designed as an excellent entertainment center, a playroom,     a large home office.? 6.The house has high ceilings and many windows,     it is always very bright.? 7. "    the patterns and colors may be different,paper-cuts share the same function of maintaining emotional ties among people,"says Yang Huizi,an art teacher at Beijing Union University.? 8.You can go diving in the morning before watching sports all afternoon,     simply duck out for world-famous s