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          詞匯訓練-Unit 1 核心詞匯綜合達標 一、單詞拼寫(單句首字母填空) 1. After studying all the materials thoroughly, they c ? that he was guilty. 2. We felt proud because we d ? their team by ten points in the match. 3. Sorry, Mr. Smith has an important meeting to a ? right now. Shall I ask him to call back an hour later? 4. Being e ? to the sun is harmful to your skin. 5. The only effective way to c ? a backache is to rest. 6. John Snow wanted to face the c ? and solve the problem. 7. No one knows who killed her, but the police s ? her husband. 8. It is Mary rather than you who is to b ? for the broken window. 9. Ways must be found to prevent the rivers from being p ?. 10. If you can't h ? the job, I will get someone else to do it. 11. The government a ? that they would go to war against the enemy. 12. So many rich people choose to c ? money to charity at Christmas. 13. It was hard for me to r ? my family's religious belief. 14. Let's a ? the problem and see what went wrong. 15. We can plant more trees because trees a ? carbon dioxide in the air to produce oxygen. 二、單詞拼寫(根據中文提示拼寫單詞) 1. When ?(參加) networking events, ask others what they do and think about how you can help them. 2. The police tried to get some clues from the ?(嫌疑犯), but he remained silent. 3. He did not want to ?(顯露) his fears and insecurity to anyone. 4. It is a great ?(挑戰) for him to govern the country well. 5. We can ?(推斷出) from what he has said that he is a good manager. 6. He is extremely ?(謹慎的) about the use of words. 7. To our surprise, the old doctor ?(治愈) my cousin of her cancer. 8. Many people ?(責備、指責) this change on gases such as carbon dioxide. 9. C